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  ClinicalTrialFinder.com Terms & Conditions for Visitors to the Site

1. Definitions
"Advertisers" shall mean those individuals, companies or firms placing information free of charge or subject to payment on the Site whether accessible by Visitors free or on a fee-bearing basis.
"CTF" shall mean ClinicalTrialFinder.com
"Content" shall mean any data, text, graphics, links or computer code published on or contained within the Site.
"Product" shall include any and all profiles of studies or any contacts, contributors, events, press releases, customer enquiry forms, newsletters and any other information and data whether offered for free or for a fee.
"Site" shall mean http://www.ClinicalTrialFinder.com.
"Study Sponsor" shall mean the individual, firm or CTF placing study details on the Site
"Terms" shall mean these terms and conditions.
"Visitor" shall mean the individual, firm or CTF entering the Site.

2. Acceptance of Terms
2.1 By entering and using the Site the Visitor signifies acceptance of these Terms. The Visitor may print and keep a copy of these Terms.
2.2 CTF may revise these Terms at its sole discretion at any time and without notice with such changes being deemed to take effect immediately and to be accepted by Visitors that continue to access the Site.

3. Site Access and Fees
3.1 The Site is only available to bona fide clinical investigators, their colleagues and support staff and professionals associated with the healthcare industry.
3.2 CTF reserves the right to validate any individual applying for registration.
3.3 CTF reserves the right to prevent access to any fraudulent applicant and make public the said application.
3.4 All information supplied by the Visitor in response to presented material must be true and as complete and accurate as possible.
3.5 Each Visitor is responsible for his/her password and will take all reasonable precautions to prevent fraudulent use of the password.
3.6 The Visitor undertakes not to disclose the password to anyone else.
3.7 The Visitor will not be eligible for any compensation because they cannot use any constituent part of the Site or because of the failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the Site. CTF may change, suspend or cancel all or part of the Site or any or all of the Content at its sole discretion at any time.
3.8 Access to the Site registration, login, receipt of email newsletter, alerting services and other content (other than content which is clearly indicated on the Site as fee-bearing) is free of charge.
3.9 Payment terms for any fee based Content or service shall be on the terms stated on the Site unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing between CTF and the Visitor.

4. Ownership
4.1 The copyright in the Content and images on the Site are owned by CTF. All rights are reserved.
4.2 ClinicalTrialFinder.com name and logo and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are the trade names, service marks, or trademarks of CTF and may not be used without the prior written consent of CTF.
4.3 All product names or other third party-owned names appearing on the Site are acknowledged as the trade or service marks or registered trade or service marks of their respective owners. All trade or service marks are acknowledged.
4.4 While every effort is made to ensure that information on the Site is accurate, CTF assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.
4.5 Save where ownership of Content is expressly stated on the Site to be vetted in CTF the ownership of information, data, trade marks, service marks, corporate logos and graphics shall remain the property of their respective owners, who have supplied them to CTF for use on the Site and associated publications.
4.6 No rights to, or property in all or any part of the Site shall pass to the Visitor.

5. Visitor Rights and Restrictions.
5.1 The Visitor, subject to Clause 5.2 hereof, shall not copy, duplicate, translate into any language or in any way reproduce the Site or any part thereof or any of the Content or knowingly permit the same without written permission of CTF and the respective copyright owner.
5.2 The Visitor shall be permitted to reproduce a reasonable number of copies of the Content, (but not the computer code or any part thereof copy of which is strictly forbidden) for the purposes of the Visitor's own research or private study.
5.3 All and any copies of extracts from the Content shall be clearly and conspicuously marked with a copyright notice as follows: "© Copyright Clinical Data Technologies Ltd (http://www.ClinicalTrialFinder.com) (year of copyright)".
5.4 The Visitor shall ensure that all the Visitor's employees and representatives are made aware of these conditions and comply with them.
5.5 The Visitor assumes full responsibility for all risks arising from the Visitor's use of the Site.
5.6 Content published on the Site is for information purposes only and it is the responsibility of the Visitor to identify and confirm the accuracy and suitability of the Content and any use made thereof including without limitation use of advertising on the Site and for whatever other purpose the Visitor requires or wishes to use the Content.
5.7 The Visitor will indemnify CTF, its servants and agents, and hold CTF, its servants and agents, harmless against all claims, liability, losses, damages and expenses, including, without limitation, legal fees and costs arising out of or incurred as the result of any claims made, or litigation brought, against CTF, its servants and agents, as a result of the use by the Visitor of the Content or part thereof for whatever purpose.
5.8 The views of the authors are not necessarily those of the Directors or staff of CTF.
5.9 Visitors that register their details with the Site agree that their details may be stored on a database and may be used to send them communications from CTF or made available to selected Third Parties.

6. Warranties and Liabilities
6.1 CTF warrants that it will not release the identity of any Study Sponsor to a third party.
6.2 CTF warrants that it will use all reasonable care and skill in carrying out obligations under this Agreement.
6.3 All other conditions warranties and obligations implied by statute common law or otherwise and any liabilities arising therefrom are excluded to the extent permissible by law.
6.4 CTF accepts no liability for the completeness or accuracy of any Content supplied to CTF by Study Sponsors or advertisers for placement on the Site.
6.5 Under no circumstances shall CTF or any of its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, agents, parents, or affiliates be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, even if CTF has been advised of the possibility of damages, (including, without limitation, damages for losses whether of a personal, public, institutional or corporate nature, loss of any revenues or profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use the Site, or any of the Content, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the Site or the Content. CTF's liability for breach of this Agreement is limited to the amount actually paid (if any) by the Visitor for use of the Site and any of the content. CTF is hereby released from any and all obligations, liabilities and claims in excess of this limitation.
6.6 All provisions of this clause limiting or excluding liability operate separately and shall survive independently of the other provisions.

7. Termination
7.1 CTF reserves the right to decline, withdraw or terminate access to the Site without notice and in particular if CTF suspect that any material stored or disseminated by the Visitor may be in contravention of clause 5.1 above, and to terminate any agreement made under these terms with the Visitor.
7.2 In the event that:
(A) The Visitor is in breach of these Terms and if capable of remedy fails to remedy them within thirty days of receipt of notice in writing or by e-mail from CTF requiring them to do so, or
(B) If the Visitor becomes insolvent, unable to pay its debts, bankrupt or placed in the hands of a receiver or administrator or wound up (other than for a solvent reconstruction) then CTF may immediately terminate any agreement with the Visitor made under these terms.
7.3 Effects of termination The Visitor:
(A) Will remain liable to pay CTF all sums accrued due on or prior to the date of termination.
(B) Will continue to respect and uphold all confidentiality and copyright obligations.
(C) Will if requested by CTF return all materials belonging to CTF and will specifically certify that they have done so.

8. Force Majeure
No party shall be held to be in breach of its obligations hereunder (except in relation to the obligation to make payments) nor liable to the other for any loss of damage which may be suffered by another party due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including without limitation any act of God, a flood, lightening, fire, strike, lock out, trade dispute, act or omission of government regulatory authorities or other competent authority.

9. Notices
Any notice required to be given under an Agreement made on these terms shall be sent by first class post or fax or electronic mail and shall be deemed to be given two days after posting if sent by post to the other party's address as notified by the party, at the time the fax is sent if sent by a fax before 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon otherwise 9.00 a.m. the next working day and at the time the e-mail is received at either party's e-mail address if sent by electronic mail.

10. General
Any failure by any party to exercise or enforce any of its rights under this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such rights or operate so as to bar the subsequent exercise or enforcement of any such right. This Agreement represents the entire understanding between us in relation to its subject matter and supersedes all other agreements or representations made by either of us whether oral or written. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Notices and communication to CTF should be sent for the attention of:
Nigel Levinson, Director, Clinical Data Technologies Limited
by fax to: +44 (0)1964 550852, by electronic mail: nigel@ClinicalTrialFinder.com

11. Law
These terms and any Agreement made on the basis thereof shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and the parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

© 2001 ClinicalTrialFinder.com
A Division of Clinical Data Technologies Ltd